Micro Processor Controlled Electronic Battery Discharger/Tester Model EBD-151 MPC / EBD-301 MPC / EBD-601 MPC

Micro Processor Controlled Electronic Battery Discharger/Tester
Model EBD-151 MPC / EBD-301 MPC / EBD-601 MPC

EBD-151 MPC / EBD-301 MPC / EBD-601 MPC
Features :
  • Discharge Capacity of up to 600 Watt in a very compact, light weight and rugged unit.
  • Programmable functions for controlling discharge time, cut off values for voltage, AH, power, current and KWH.
  • Facility for Data Logging in micro SD memory card.
  • Logged data can be transferred to PC through USB port and viewed and analyzed in MS Excel.
  • Very simple front panel adjustment for precise setting of Discharge rate and display of Battery voltage and current on separate DPMs.
  • Constant Current (CC) and Constant Power (CP) mode of discharge for checking Battery Performance as per international specification.
  • Convenient Handle to carry for field operation of the unit.
  • Small foot print of only 145 mm(W) X 245 mm (D) saving space on test bench.
  • Fully protected against Battery Reverse Connection, Over Power, Over Temperature and Over voltage.
  • Programmable functions allow the user to measure and compare discharge rates of different batteries. The comparison of AH rating can also be made using timer function.
  • R&D Dept. of Battery manufacture.
  • To check Battery performance in QC Dept. of Battery manufacturer or bulk user.
  • To compare performance of different types of Batteries for vender approval.
  • For discharge of Batteries in the field before recharging to improve Battery reliability and performance.
  • Solar power system can be checked using constant power function.
  • Suitable for discharging of different types of Batteries such as SMF, Lead Acid, Tabular, GEL, AGM, VRLA, Ni-Cd, NI-MH, Stationery, Traction. Power can be checked using this Battery discharger.
Model EBD - 151MPC EBD - 301MPC EBD - 601MPC
1. Input Voltage : 4 – 60 VDC
2. Input Current : 0 – 30 Amp. 0 – 60 Amp. 0 – 120 Amp.
3. Input Power (Max.) : 150 W 300 W 600 W
4. Operational Mode
CC / CP Switch : CC : Constant Current Mode.(The change in current is 0.2A or 0.5% of the adjusted value whichever is higher, over entire input voltage range.)
CP : Constant Power Mode.(Change in Power is +/- 6W or 0.5% of the adjusted value whichever is higher, over entire input voltage range.)
5. Load Switch : To Turn ON / Turn OFF Load
6. Load Adjustment : Through 10 Turn multiturn pot with indicating dial
7. Load Adjustment Range
HI / LO Switch :
HI : 100 % of the range
LO : Approximately 10 % of the range
8. Protection Circuit :  
Over Power : 170 W +/- 15 W 325 W +/- 20 W 630 W +/- 25 W
Over Voltage : 65 V +/- 2V
Over Temperature : Internal Temp. Limited to 90 deg. C +/- 2 deg. C
Reverse Input : Up to 65V
9. Microcontroller Operation Details
9.1 Display : Dual line LCD display to show
  • Actual Current / Cut-off Current (in amps) and Actual input Voltage / Cut-off Voltage in Volts.
  • Actual Power / Cut-off Power (in watts) and Elapsed time / Cut-off time in Seconds/minutes/hours.
  • Actual AmpHr / Cut-off AmpHr (in AH) and Actual KWHR / Cut-off KWHR in KWH.
9.2 Indicators :
  • SD Card status – Red LED. ON indicates SD Card present.
  • Relay ON –Red Led. ON indicates relay ON.
  • Relay paused – Red Led. Blinking indicates operation PAUSED.
9.3 Programming parameters:   The parameters that can be programmed to switch OFF the discharger are Time, Voltage in Volts, Current in Amps, AH, Power in Watts and Energy in KWH. The display shows the values of all parameters at the end of test.
1.Timer : Discharge time setting: Timer can be programmed for set time in seconds, minutes or Hours. After elapse of set time, it will switch off discharger.
2. Cut-Off voltage
: To Check how much time it takes for Battery to reach cut-off voltage, this mode is used. Cut-off voltage can be set between 2V to 60V with resolution of 100mV.
3. Cut-Off AH : To check how much time it takes to deliver the set value of AH by battery.
The setting limit for the AH is from 1 to 9999 AH.
4. Cut-Off Power : When the power drawn from the battery exceeds the set Power the load is cut off. The limit for the setting of Power is 9999 W.
5. Cut-Off Energy : The amount of energy delivered by the battery in KWH is controlled by the KWH setting. The limit for the setting of KWH is 9999 Units.
6. Cut-Off current : When ever the current drawn from the battery equals or exceeds the set value for the current, the load is cut-off from the battery.
9.4. Microcontroller Data Logging : Data is recorded in the micro SD card with details of real date, time, elapsed time, voltage, current, power, discharged AH and consumed energy in KWH. Each test is recorded as separate batch and a respective Excel file is created and stored.
9.5. Data Retrieval : The Excel data stored in micro SD card can be viewed and analyzed by transferring the data to PC through USB port.
10. Operating Ambient : 0 deg. C - 40 deg. C
11. Meters

3 1/2 Digit DPM Range - 200 VDC Resolution 100mV
3 1/2 Digit DPM to indicate either current in Amps or Power in watts by a selector switch.
Current range 200 ADC Resolution : 100mA
Power range 2000 watts Resolution : 1 watt
12. Indicators :
  • Load ON - GREEN LED
  • Alarm in the event of Over voltage, Over Power, Over Temperature, or Reverse input - RED LED.
13. Terminals for DC Input
3 pos TB each for +ve and -ve Input M8 (8 mm) Stud with 8 mm Nut, one each for +ve and –ve.
14 Parallel Operation : Possible.
15. Cooling Method : Forced Air by Built in Fan
16. Dimension : 355(H) x 145(W) x 245(D) mm
17. Weight : 6.5 Kg 7.5 Kg 10 Kg.
18. Power : 230V ± 10% AC 50Hz.
    (Optionally 110V +/- 10% AC 50Hz / 60Hz operation can also be supplied )
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