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Electronic Load
We make and supply wide range of electronic loads to meet all types of testing requirement of DC power supplies, solar panels, DC current devices (like MCBs, switches, Hall effect sensors etc.) and other DC sources.
Prime Electronics Loads are very compact, light weight and housed in a sturdy metal enclosure. They are very simple to operate and comes with clear display of voltage and current/power on a separate 3 ½ digit DPMs.
Our wide range of Electronic loads provide a very cost effective solution for testing of all types of DC sources.
Battery Discharger /Tester
Our range of Battery dischargers are designed to meet requirement of the industry for discharge testing of all types of batteries with capacity ranges from 1 Amp to 500 Amps. These battery dischargers come in compact and portable design for easy movement for field testing.

Highlights of Prime Battery Discharger /Tester
  • Very compact, light weight and sturdy metal case design.
  • Manual as well as Programmable functions for battery discharge with Voltage cut-off, AH cut-off and micro controller based units available.
  • High Capacity Resistive Battery Discharger with constant current function and voltage cut-off, AH cut-off facility.
  • Micro controller based units with data logging feature is available.
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